Embodied Intimacy

Body-Based Relationship Skills and Play for the Human Animal


Body-Based Intimacy, Eroticism and Relationship Re-Education

Private Sessions & Playshops for Couples, Individuals & Groups:

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About the Work

*Rewilding the Animal Body for Health and Pleasure
*Reclaiming Eroticism through Self Pleasure Coaching, Witnessing and Community Practice
*Unwinding Sexual Shame and Creating Erotic Permission
*Experiential Anatomy of Desire and Pleasure Mapping
*Sex-Ed Reboot & Pleasure Education for Adults and Teens
*Love the One You’re With; Body Image and Self-Affection
*Cycles, Fertility and Desire
*Jam Erotique,; Erotic Movement and Dance
*Sexual Healing and Embodiment
*Sexuality through the Child-Bearing Year for Women & Couples
*Yoni, Breast and Penis Love Practices for Yourself and Your Lover(s)
*Erotic Breathing Practices
*Sexual Artistry, Improvisation, Play and Humor
*Contact Improvisation for Couples
*Rituals for Erotic Empowerment
*Erotic Massage Skills
*Grief and Ecstasy
*Integrating the Sacred and the Profane
*Non-traditional relationship/family support
*Fantasy Acceptance and Exploration
*Eco-Sexuality…Taking Sex Outside
*Learning Erotic Autonomy, Boundaries and Agreements
*Communication, Consent and Intimacy Building
*Expanded Eroticism for Men
*Free Sex! Community Sexuality Discussions

About the Facilitators:


Elena Zubulake and Victor Warring are somatic (body based) intimacy, sexuality, and relationship educators.They enjoy bringing together eroticism, movement, expression, primate play and empowerment.  The vision that guides the way they teach is based in shifting learned models of relating in an isolation-driven/nuclear-family centered culture to a village oriented/affection sharing/community nexus driven culture. Their work begins with the body and is eros-inclusive, since the body is the first platform from which we learn to relate to other, and the body is inherently erotic and creative. This work addresses intimate, community, and ecological relationships, as well as our most basic relationship with self.

Their combined background draws from Somatic Psychology, Sexological Bodywork, Contact Improvisation, Massage, Indigenous Practices, Anthropology, Theatre, Midwifery & Women’s Health, and Contemplative Practice. They both graduated from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, and they currently live and work in intentional community in Little Applegate, Oregon. They teach and offer one on one work together and separately.

*We work together or individually based on your desires and what best supports your erotic learning.

In particular, Elena works with women around reclaiming sexual & erotic aliveness through the life cycle. She is also a red tent facilitator, bodyworker and student midwife. Victor’s work focuses on re-wilding your connection to your authentic erotic spirit and expression through direct connection to your bodily experience…reclaiming your birthright in a pleasure and body-phobic culture.

Victor and Elena have offered workshops at Center on the Edge, the Treehouse, and Bodywork Bistro in Boulder Colorado; Healing Spirits Massage School in Boulder, CO; SPAN Women’s Shelter in Boulder, CO; the Beyond the Bedroom Conference in Denver, CO; the Loving More Conference in Denver, CO; Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO; Coredination Movement Festival in Carbondale CO; Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge Missouri; The Intentional Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Virginia; Dance Connect Love in the Bay Area; The Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle; Love Revolution in Ashland, OR; the Village Building Convergence in Portland; the EcoSex Convergence; Tryon Life Farm; and at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. Check the events page for upcoming workshops or contact us to bring Embodied Intimacy Workshops to your community.


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